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The affordable and easy way to add the appearance and natural flavour of Vanilla Seeds to your food products

From pure Vanilla Beans to Vanilla Bean Paste, Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Essence, there are many different Vanilla flavouring options.

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June 21, 2022


Vanilla is a flavour that most customers enjoy and many find nostalgic, universally loved for its taste, floral scent, versatility of use and ability to and make other flavours, such as chocolate, really shine.

From pure Vanilla Beans to Vanilla Bean Paste, Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Essence, there are many different options for adding Vanilla flavour to your food and the option that’s right for your business will depend upon the type of product you’re adding Vanilla to and your budget.

Why are pure Vanilla Beans so expensive?

Vanilla is actually the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron, and there are several reasons why it costs so much.

Vanilla Beans are actually a seed pod of a plant that is very difficult to grow, the Vanilla orchid. Madagascar Vanilla Beans are consistently ranked as the best Vanilla Beans due to overall consistency of the Vanilla Beans that are produced.

There are only two ways to pollinate the Vanilla orchid, naturally via a specific species of bee, or by hand, which is how Vanilla orchids are pollinated today. This hand pollinating process is time consuming and costly.

Harvesting the Vanilla pods poses another problem for growers, as vanilla pods have a very small window for harvesting which is just after the green pods develop a yellow tip, but before they start to rot. Once harvested, the pods need to be cured. The curing process is what gives the beans their characteristic brown colour, as well as their flavour and aroma. Once properly cured, the beans are stored on racks and in conditioning boxes to further develop and mellow the flavour. The entire curing process takes three to six months, making it a very labour-intensive endeavour.

How can AFIS Vanilla Bean Paste save your business time and money?

At AFIS we supply over 20 different types of Vanilla to suit every culinary purpose and budget, with our 52.5019N Vanilla Bean Paste and 52.0099N Vanilla Bean Paste providing an easy-to-use substitute for pure Vanilla beans in your food products.

Both our 52.5019N and 52.0099N Vanilla Bean Pastes contain 100% natural Vanilla Bean seeds and are a quick and economical way to include real Vanilla & seeds into foods, saving your business the time and expense involved in scraping Vanilla seeds from Vanilla pods.

AFIS Vanilla Bean pastes are especially ideal for manufacturers who want the visual benefits of real Vanilla Beans and the consistency and ease of use of Vanilla Essence.

Our AFIS dark brown liquid pastes with Vanilla Bean seeds add a distinct Vanilla Flavour and aroma and are perfect for:

  • Dairy items
  • Cakes
  • Bakery items
  • Frosting
  • Whipped cream
  • Creme brulee
  • Smoothies and milkshakes
  • Caramels
  • Gelato
  • Ice cream.

The easy and affordable way to add Vanilla Seeds to your food products

Adding pure Vanilla Flavour and fragrance is easy with our top of the range 52.0099N Vanilla Bean Paste (available in 1kg and 20kg tamper evident, polyethylene containers) and economical 52.5019N Vanilla Bean Paste (available in 1kg, 2x5kg and 20kg tamper evident polyethylene containers).

Both Vanilla Bean Pastes have a shelf life of up to 12 months if kept tightly sealed in a cool place and can be used as a flavour/fragrance ingredient in many food applications. If you’d like to taste them yourself, you can try either paste in our irresistible sugar cookie recipe.

Thanks to our AFIS Vanilla Bean Pastes your customers can enjoy the appearance, flavour and aroma of fresh Vanilla Beans in your food and beverage products, without your business bearing the expense of extracting Vanilla Seeds from Vanilla pods yourself.

We manufacture all our Vanilla flavours right here in Australia and we are a family business that has been designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality food ingredients to the Australian food industry for nearly 40 years.

Contact us for a sample and more information.

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