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AFIS Food Colouring

We have a complete range of food colour dyes including laked, liquid colours, powder blends, natural colours and granular colours.

Did you know that colour is often the first thing a consumer notices about a product?

Food colors not only influence your consumer’s appetite and their choice of food and drink…they also affect the way they perceive the flavour of your products.

AFIS range of 80 permitted food colours are a cost effective way to:

  • make your food products, beverages, petfoods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals more attractive, appealing, appetizing, and informative to your consumers
  • help your consumers to identify on sight their desired products, including candy flavors or medicine dosages
  • offset color loss due to light, air, extremes of temperature, moisture, and storage conditions
  • mask any natural variations in colour
  • enhance naturally occurring colours

Many of our food colours are Halal certified, come in a large range of pack sizes and are available as solid powders, liquid colours or viscous like gels.


Natural colours

Obtained from natural sources, our natural food colours provide an alternative to artificial colours for bakery products, ice cream, water-ice, confectionery, petfoods, jams, jellies, desserts, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Malt Extract Powder is a dark brown powdered natural food ingredient produced from malted barley and is ideal for snacks & cereals, bakery wares, meat, fish and fisheries products.

Our Beetroot, Anthocyanin, Malt Extract, Natural Carotene, and Carminic Acid 50% powders will provide you with a wide variety of hues, depending on the quantity used.


Powder colour blends

AFIS powder colour blends are crystalline and water soluble food colourings, suitable for colouring products where the moisture levels are low, applications where water is prohibited, or products with a low pH.

Powder colours are ideal for bakery and confectionery applications, and for use in dry blends, such as in chocolate and dry mixes. They can also be used to colour ice cream, confectionery, jams, jellies, beverages, petfoods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Liquid colour blends

AFIS liquid colour blends are water soluble food colourings, suitable for a broad range of products but especially ideal for bakery and confectionery applications.

They can also be used to colour ice cream, confectionery, jams, jellies, beverages, petfoods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Lake powder colours

AFIS lake powder colours are very fine powders which are insoluble in water, which makes them ideal for colouring products where the moisture levels are low, such as oil based bakery and confectionery applications and in dry blends.

Our lake food colors are highly adaptable and versatile and much more stable than water-soluble dye colors. They can be dispersed in suspension of propylene glycol or sucrose or mixed in vegetable oils, fats, and other cosmetic oils, which is why they can be used to colour foods, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.


Granular powder colours

AFIS granular powder colours are used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing because they reduce the amount of dust emitted in your manufacturing process, help eliminate cross contamination and keep your plant environment and machinery clean.

They also reduce the amount of cleaning required because granules dissolve faster and don’t stick to the inside of the food manufacturing equipment and flow much faster and easier from your transfer equipment, especially in humid conditions.



You can obtain great colours and wonderful taste in a single application with our range of colorites, which are water based coloured flavours, ideal for creating cakes, cupcakes, icing, milkshakes and more!

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