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Speciality Products

Enhance the flavour, texture and appearance of your products with ganache enhancers, food pastes and emulsions.

The AFIS range of speciality products are ideal for pastry chefs, bakers and cake makers who are looking for cost effective ways to enhance the flavour, texture and appearance of their bakery items, confectionery and cakes.

Our speciality product range includes ganache enhancers for all types of chocolate ganache, chocolate and strawberry premix syrups, a freeze thaw stable piping jelly, and a maple syrup to die for!


AFIS Neutral Ganache Enhancer has a neutral flavour and works as a stabilising ingredient for chocolate based ganache, while our Dark Chocolate Ganache Enhancer and White Chocolate Ganache Enhancer both enhance the flavour of and stabilise bakery products, cakes, and chocolate based ganache.



Don’t prejudge our maple syrup until you’ve tried it yourself! Our Maple Syrup Imitation is a clear light brown liquid with a thick syrup-type consistency, and affords you the look and taste of 100% pure maple syrup…at a fraction of the price. Or maybe you’d prefer the natural Maple Flavoured Syrup.

Our Glucose Syrup, also known as confectioner’s glucose, can be used to sweeten, soften the texture and add volume to your food products.

Piping jelly

Unlike other piping jellies, AFIS Piping Jelly Neutral is freeze thaw stable, which means it has a longer shelf life.

This translucent and versatile product can be tinted with our powdered food colours to achieve any colour you desire.

Used as a piping gel it gives an excellent bead shape but it can also transfer images to cakes, prevent whipped cream from liquefying and used for attaching fondant decorations. When diluted you can use it to glaze and add a glossy finish to your cakes.

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