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AFIS Flavours

Our extensive range of sweet flavours come in liquid, paste and powder form with natural and synthetic options.

Enhance the taste of your products with delicious flavours your customers will love

AFIS design, manufacture, and supply high quality flavours for the food industry … helping you produce delicious foods and drinks that your consumers will love.

Whether you choose from our extensive core range of products or work with our team of food technologists to develop a custom flavour…

…we guarantee that our innovative sweet flavours will refresh and enhance the flavour and aroma of your drinks, bakery items, confectionary, dairy products and food lines.

Our range of delicious sweet and fruit flavours includes:

  • Natural Flavours
  • Australian Flavours
  • Asian Flavours
  • Powder Flavours
  • Water Soluble Flavours
  • Oil Soluble Flavors
  • Halal Flavours
  • Flavour Pastes
  • Colorites – coloured flavours
  • Natural Essential Oils

We specialise in heat stable, water soluble and oil soluble flavours for various forms of food preparation. Whether you require emulsions, powders, liquids, oils or pastes, our high quality exceptional flavours deliver a consistent result.


Powder flavours and natural powder flavours

AFIS Powder Flavours and Natural Powder Flavours are excellent flavour enhancers with a very long shelf life, consistent mouthfeel and texture, and an ability to easily blend with other ingredients.

Powdered flavours are ideal for creating innovative powder beverages, sport supplement powders, meal replacement powders, animal products, and to help to overcome the offensive medicinal base taste of pharmaceutical products.


Oil soluble flavours

With AFIS oil soluble flavours, just a few drops are required to create delicious flavoured dark or white chocolate bakery and confectionary products.

Our oil based flavours can be used in oil based cooking applications such as chocolate, fudge, rich butter frosting, mud cakes and more.


Food pastes

These are a quick and economical way to include the flavour of chocolate, coffee, passionfruit and real vanilla bean & seeds into your foods products; notably dairy products.

AFIS food pastes are especially ideal for manufacturers who want the visual benefits of real vanilla beans and the consistency and ease of use of vanilla essence.

Halal flavours

AFIS’s extensive range of powder flavours, water soluble flavours, oil soluble flavours, natural essential oils and colorites include many Halal approved flavours.


Natural flavours and ingredients

In addition to AFIS’s range of Natural Powder Flavours, natural essential oils, cocoa powder and rosemary extract are all common natural food ingredients for food manufacturers.


Custom flavours

We work in partnership with customers who are looking to develop innovative and exciting new product types and new product lines. Our expert food technologists can help make your products truly irresistible and ensure you stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive market.



Choose from our range of over 30 different convenient blends of colour and flavour that can also be used to tint and flavour your cake batter, pastries, buttercream, frosting, ready to roll fondant, biscuits, slices, and more.


Natural essential oils

With our powerful, all natural food grade essential oils just a small amount will add intense flavor and aroma to your confectionary, chocolates, frostings, buttercreams, baked products, soups and marinades.

They also have antimicrobial and antioxidant activities, effectively increasing the shelf lives of your food products and increasing the quality of food safety.

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